Company Profile
Datum Technology Corporation (DTC) was founded in 2018 with a vision: design verification is a computer science problem, and must benefit from all the advanced processes and tools available at next to no cost, just like the software development industry. Our mission is to bring comprehensive design verification to small and mid-sized fabless hardware design shops without requiring the expensive licences that hobble great ideas. Since inception we have enabled our clients to successfully deliver tapeouts to some of the worlds largest companies, and we’ve done it by leveraging free and open source tools, bringing our expertise to implement those tools smoothly into our clients’ design processes.
We constantly strive for more efficient, re-usable VIPs. Throwaway code is inexcusable and can cause delivery delays will make or break a startup. Make DTC your DV partner today to ensure your design project takes full advantage of the free design verification tools that are now available. We are at the leading edge of implementing free and open source tools that compete on functionality with fully-fledged high-end commercial design verification tools.